About me

Growing up I always had a great fascination with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I always loved the idea of having a muscular physique, however at school I was quite the opposite. The “fat” child some might say. I was regularly teased about it till the age of 14, where the teasing wore me down and I became very skinny. Combined with that I was also a victim of abuse and was extremely depressed. I lost a lot of weight in what I now know to be an extremely unhealthy way and subsequently I became very unhealthy within myself.

Luckily a new neighbour moved in close to where I lived and he was in the process of opening up a gym. I started working out a couple of times a week, but where I was so overweight as a child, my confidence was stunted. I was hiding away in the corner waiting for the gym to be close to empty so the other members couldn’t see me working out.

It took around 4 months for me to realise I was slowly building that muscular physique I dreamed of having growing up. In this time my confidence began to grow and the depression I’d suffered from for so long eased. I became good friends with the owner and was offered my first job in the gym as a receptionist.

Over time I became well known in the gym. I had developed my knowledge in all areas of fitness from meeting different types of people, with different physiques and different goals. They shared their knowledge with me and from this I applied aspects of their workouts into my own training programs. I began bulking up and getting strong and leaning up. Soon achieving the six pack most young men desire.

Noticing my changes in physique and dedication in the gym, people soon began to ask for my advice. When they came back to me and told it worked, I had a huge sense of pride knowing I had helped them achieve something. It was here that I found the passion not only for fitness but also dedicating myself to helping other people achieve any goal they wanted. So I left the reception role (I am so very grateful for) to become a qualified full-time personal trainer.

I wanted to learn many different aspects of personal training. Over a period of time and with my client base building, I observed that a lot of my clients suffered from medical issues, and with this in mind I decided to expand my knowledge with health and fitness. It was then that I achieved a diploma in doctors referral personal training.

I believe anybody can achieve any goal they desire with the correct guideline and nutrition help.

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