• Tone up legs
  • Keep healthy and fit
  • Improve fitness levels
  • Education with diet and food

Rebecca started with me with the main goals of keeping fit and healthy, she has medical issues with her kidneys which result in her having to be constantly fit. Previously having lots of experience with other personal trainers in a different area, she was very aware of what she was looking for in her training programmes.

We are currently doing as many sessions a week as possible, usually no less than two, we aim to hit a lower-body session involving a compound lift for legs, an all-over-body functional session where we hit all muscles in the body, and then a HIIT session Rebecca is a very fit and dedicated client, we are constantly recording all sessions down on paper to ensure we can progressively overload the weight and reps we are currently at. From the very first session, Rebecca put in 100%

Rebecca’s favourite piece of equipment in the gym is the ‘Watson hip thrust machine’ (see picture) as this targe the glutes and core, the main sites of the body shes looking to make changes I’m excited to see the changes Rebecca is going to make over the next couples of months, not only to her physique but to building a stronger passion in the gym, both mentally and physically.

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