Jake Arnold

  • Build Muscle
  • Gain Strength
  • Improve Technique
  • Learn how to use machines

Jakes’s sessions started as a birthday gift from one of his friends for his birthday, he was my first new client in my new studio at beacon hill which opened up in February 2022. Jake has past experience working out from his home gym set up, however, these were usually only barbell and dumbbell exercises, he was also limited to the amount of weight he could use per exercise.

So jakes first goal was to become more familiar with different equipment in the gym, we started off with using the weighted machines to hit different parts of the body he wasn’t used to targeting. I helped him improve his technique and change his exercise rest period based on what he was doing.

After this we decided to set him up with a workout plan, where he will be building lean muscle and size, he could do two hours of personal training a week with me, and three back at his home gym, I gave him a split where he could use really optimise the time, he had ion the gym with myself nad still benefit from certain exercises at home.

Jake has now put on more muscle mass and from May 2022 we have now come up with a new set of long and short-term goals, we are looking to make changes to his diet (short term) which will help build a lot of strength and power (long term) we are aiming to increase strength in all his big lifts, like bench press, back squats and deadlifts, aswell as military press for the shoulders, Jake is my only client that wants to build up a lot of muscle, so im excited to see how I can help him.

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