Claire came to me in June of 2021 as she wanted to lose weight and tone up her physique in time for her wedding (30th April 2022). During the time we have worked together, we have built huge amounts of strength and endurance.  As well as perfecting techniques on certain exercises. For the majority of our times spent together in the gym, we based our sessions over 3 hours of personal training per week, working on splits on the body on certain days with cardio and core thrown into every day.

However, the week prior to Clair’s wedding we decided to do an hour of HIIT training to optimise weight loss on short bursts of exercise with timed sets, these would vary from body weight to weighted exercises using barbells and kettlebells.

Now that Clair’s wedding has happened, we are due to meet up and go forward with some new goals and challenges to achieve together!

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