Alana approached me back in September 2020 during the lockdown period, with the goal of reducing body fat. We started with outdoor hit training sessions and circuits as that’s all that was available to us at the time. Even with the lockdowns following we still managed to get occasional sessions in during the cold, when Jamie Baker fitness studio opened, we started doing our sessions in the gym where she learned how to use the resistance machines, and the dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells.

We have taken many different approaches to train, ranging from weight training to powerlifting to weight loss with the occasional sports massage therapy to relieve the arms where she builds up most of her tension. Alana is currently doing a weight loss programme with me, where she comes to use the facility two times a week by herself, and three personal training sessions a week Together we do a cardio session using the machines, an all-over body workout using different pieces of equipment, and a circuit or HIIT training session to finish the week off with. So far Alana has managed to lose three stone and is now more determined than ever.

“So after having very low self-esteem and being scared and embarrassed about going to a gym, I was convinced to let Jamie personal train me and in the last few months, I’ve gained so much confidence and achieved goals I didn’t think were possible for me all thanks to Jamie baker @jbfitness. Jamie is an amazing and very professional personal trainer who cares about each and every clients individual needs and goals. Most certainly the best decision I’ve ever made was signing up to be trained by Jamie and I’d highly recommend him to others”

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